Random Thoughts for Friday – Let’s Make it a Long Weekend!

Hubs and I are headed south for the weekend to lovely Charleston. Watch for some posts on our trip in the next few weeks!


My brother and sister in law sent a lovely box to us this week with all sorts of goodies. I wouldn’t say we have a chocolate problem, but with all the chocolate they sent us, we may need to reevaluate that…


For those of you I am friends with on Facebook, I posted this photo this morning and asked for guesses on where we might have picked it up.


Although I did get a few good ones, the correct answer is the White House.

    • I found this article very inspiring. Living in an urban area, this is an issue that I rarely get to see aleviated.
    • This video have been making the rounds the last day or so. For good reason too, its pretty adorable!
    • Might need to make these muffins soon. LAQ has been raving about them and they look delish!
    • I will be attempting this mole using the chocolate in the blue packaging in the photo above. Never tried mole before but I love it!
    • Its official! Starting Monday I am going to be doing Jamie Eason’s Live Fit Trainer. I’ll be tracking weight, body fat and measurements just to see how things change. I probably wont be sharing those details, but I will check in with other achievements like increased setting new lifting PRs, energy, etc.
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