Long Weekend in Charleston



Oh the south! As a former west coaster, many of my vacations consisted of Pacific beaches, hiking in Yosemite and the occaisional international adventure. Now that I reside on the opposite coast, its like whole new worlds have opened up!

Between my work travel and that little road trip I took in 2008, I’m slowly chipping away at the list of states unseen. Compared to my husband’s list, we had a few in common. After a hectic holiday season and with this deployment looming, we decided to plan a getaway over a long weekend. Neither of us have visited South Carolina, so this southern gem was high on both our lists.

If you haven’t made it to Charleston yet, find a weekend and do it. Southwest (BIG FAN) started booking flights through the little Charleston airport and we were able to get a pretty good deal on non stop flights out of BWI. As Charleston is about an eight hour drive from the DC area, a 50 minute flight was a no brainer. There are also countless little bed and breakfasts as well as reasonably priced hotels, so finding afforable lodging was pretty easy.

Weather wise, we majorly lucked out. I was a little worried that early February might be a little on the cold side, but we were pleasantly surprised. It stayed comfortably in the mid 50’s and rained as we were on our way to the airport to fly home. I’ve heard that it can get quite unbearable in August and September due to the humidity, so I would probably steer clear then. After that its hurricane season, so I would imagine that January to June is probably a pretty safe bet.

What does one do in Charleston? A city with easy walking is non negotiable for us. We spent a lot of time just wandering through the old streets and taking in the old churchs, graveyards, antebellum mansions and cute shops. Into good food? You certainly can’t go wrong in Charleston with the restaurants either. Want to see a plantation? There are plenty within a few miles of town. Interested in exploring the supernatural? We found countless walking ghost tours and haunted houses just waiting to be explored!

We managed to fit a few fun activities into our 2 1/2 day trip and I’ll be writing on them in more detail in the days to come!

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One Response to Long Weekend in Charleston

  1. Heather says:

    Isn’t Charleston amazing?? My husband is from Charleston, but I visited for the 1st time on our honeymoon 🙂 Love!

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