Product Review: Introducing Ellie!

There are days I wish I could hang out in yoga pants all day. Then of course I remember how much fun power suits are! Washington is commonly criticized for being a bit boring on the fashion side, but I have a bit of an affinity for a lovely tailored suit and effortless blouse.

But my workout clothing? Totally different story.

Comfortable, flattering clothes for my workouts and classes are pretty much a given. But since I tend to the conservative side for my 9-5, sometimes I need a little something extra for the gym. Like most of my fellow group-ex instructors, I would love to live in Lulu all day. That unfortunately is neither practical nor good for my checkbook. And while I love their products, everyone in this town seems to be obsessed as well. There is something about showing up to class in an equally awesome workout outfit that everyone else seems to also be rocking.

I recently stumbled upon a brand new company called Ellie and their exclusive line. By brand new, I mean they literally launched in February. Ellie is only available online and every month a new collection is available. You can either opt for a membership for $49.99/month that comes with a top and bottom based on a style profile you provide, or you can select pieces individually ranging from $35-$68 each.

Back in January when I heard about Ellie, I was lucky to receive a complimentary pair of capris from them before their line was available. They were so cute, I immediately signed up to be a part of their ambassador program and selected a top and bottom from their February collection. I selected the Vixen tank and Love Struck legging to review. (Disclosure: I received these complimentary to review)

When they arrived a few weeks ago, I immediately put them to the test. While I’m sure some people can get their workout on without breaking a sweat, that is not the case with me! My workout clothing has to be tough, because I work hard and play much, much harder. I wasn’t just evaluating the clothing for looks, but fit, durability and endurance. Now on to the dirty details!


Vixen Tank (14 out of 15)

Fit: This selecting required a bit of extra bravery on my part. I have tried tops like this before that just didn’t flatter. I was pleasantly surprised on both the fit and that it managed to NOT make me look pregnant. 5 out of 5

Durability: I paired this with Lulu’s TaTaTamer (seriously, this is nonnegotiable, they need taming) and had to adjust this very little the first 45 minutes of class. After that point, I did need to pull the front up just a bit but as I was wearing a full coverage bra it wasn’t a big deal. I may not wear it again for Combat, but will definitely give it a go in Pump to see if the front stays put. 4 out of 5

Endurance: For good reason, I do not commit to my workout clothing until it has been worn and washed once. Performance wear that holds onto odors is a major peeve of mine. I’m happy to report that these made it through the wash and smelled lovely. 5 out of 5

Love Struck Legging (15 out of 15)

Fit: I was very happy with these. I tend to not wear leggings unless I’m going to yoga as sometimes they are a little too snug. These were comfortable and flattering. 5 out of 5

Durability: I did not have to pull these up once during class. I can’t emphasize enough how big this is. I’ve had issues in the past with workout bottoms that couldn’t hold up to the high knees, kicks, forward and backward shuffling and overall craziness I do in class. I prefer to not have one hand holding up my pants while trying to teach. 5 out of 5

Endurance: Yay for non stinky workout pants! These came out looking like they did when I pulled them out of the box! I will wear these all the time. 5 out of 5

Now that it is March (seriously where did February go?!?) they have a new collection available and are still selling the pieces from February that are not yet sold out. Check out the video below to see the adorable new stuff they added! In April they will be rolling out a full 24 piece collection. I’ve included a button below to sign up and get 20% off your first purchase. That also applies to the membership if you decide to give them a try! Let me know what you think!!

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