Catching Up & Learning to Be the One Left Behind

WOW its been a crazy couple of weeks. I’ve been MIA here and pretty much everywhere else socially for three big reasons.

1. Work = Insane

It’s a good thing I love my job! I get to travel, meet awesome people and work on really satisfying products. Sometimes I have to remind myself to find some balance because I will fall into just work work work. Over the last few months I’ve bounced around between Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Pittsburg and Louisville. Tonight I’m headed to NYC for 24 hours then to Atlanta on Saturday. Before the summer is over I will visit Chicago, Atlanta (again), San Fransisco, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Boston and probably a few more.

2. Les Mills = Obsessed


I recently attended Body Pump Module One Initial Training! My trainer was the talented and lovely LAQ and I am getting ready to tape and get this certification process done. I’ll do a whole post on initial training later on.


In between learning this new format with practices and team teaching, I also had to prep for launches! Unfortunately the release I trainined on for Pump and release I launched were not the same. Sooooo that meant learning three different releases (two pump, one combat) in a short amount of time. It didn’t take long before I was up to my eyeballs in chory, music, and counts. Perfectly legimate reason to have mush for brain for a few days!

I was lucky enough to launch both formats the same night with an awesome instructor. We filled the room with both Les Mills junkies like us and some new faces. It was so cool at the end to see every participant fighting through the hard tracks, taking the high options and smiling until the end. It makes all the chory cramming and going to sleep with music running in your head totally worth it.


I also managed to find time to be a Gold’s pace runner for the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler. With no training. Ouch… (totally worth it)

And most importantly…

3. Hubs = Love

For the second time, I had to put my husband on a plane to Afghanistan this week. He’ll only be gone about four months and he’ll be working off one of the bases, so I know he’ll be safe. Being apart that long is rough and I’m grateful I have a lot of things to keep me busy until he comes back. With no children (cat’s don’t count this time) it’s not as difficult as it could be for him to be gone. Still trying to adjust to him not being around, but I’ll be ok.


Plus! We figured out how to use iMessage on his iPad (he doesn’t have an iPhone) and I’ve gotten some texts from him along his journey. So far he has had internet access at a few spots, but I don’t know if he will at his final location.

Stay tuned for some posts on Les Mills training and some cookbook reviews!


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