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Catching Up & Learning to Be the One Left Behind

WOW its been a crazy couple of weeks. I’ve been MIA here and pretty much everywhere else socially for three big reasons. 1. Work = Insane It’s a good thing I love my job! I get to travel, meet awesome … Continue reading

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Getting a “BQ”

Running is a big tent sport. You can be fast, slow, tall, short, young old, skinny or even fat and be a runner because that is what you call yourself. There is no official club, by laws, rules or standards. … Continue reading

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What My Paleo Looks Like

After this week’s introductory post on what brought me to Paleo, I wanted to illustrate what Paleo means to me specifically. This lifestyle has detractors like any other, but it has even more diversity about what it actually means. Paleo Has … Continue reading

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“Well” Philosophy

A positive change that has taken place in me within the last year is my perspective on wellness. Throughout my life, I have swung from one end of the spectrum (no working out, not watching what I eat) to the … Continue reading

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